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📢 This week, #CONAPROSL demonstrates its commitment to innovation in the field of occupational safety by visiting the prestigious fair #SICUR at IFEMA-Madrid.

This Fair is the great international reference in Spain for Security👷‍♂️. Every two years, it brings together companies, associations, professionals and users of global security in the public and private spheres.

As a leading company in the sector, we are proud to be part of the main events in the workplace safety market, where companies, associations and professionals converge to address emerging challenges and trends. Our presence at this event reflects our firm commitment to continue being pioneers in the implementation of new technologies and practices that promote safer and healthier work environments🚧 for all.

At CONAPRO, we believe that #innovation 🚨 is key to advancing in the #PRL and to promote a culture of #proactivesecurity. We are eager to share our latest solutions and collaborate with other leading companies in the sector, where workplace safety is the number one priority.


We are waiting for you at our facilities to tell you about all the innovative proposals. Come to see us!