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We promote Circularity and Social Commitment: A step towards a sustainable future

At CONAPRO we are advancing in our social commitment and in the adoption of circular practices. We are going to join Navarra Zirkular and they have recently visited us and prepared the Diagnosis and Roadmap with concrete actions that we will develop in the next two years. These actions will be added to those we are already implementing in our InnovaRSE program.

We work hand in hand with work clothing suppliers committed to sustainable development, offering more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Here are some concrete examples:

  • SIXTON PEAK, Recycled Footwear: Through our supplier DELTAPLUS, we offer the SIXTON PEAK line of footwear, which uses a 35% of recycled materials and is ISO14021 certified for eco-labelling.
  • T2S Ibérica, work clothing certified in GRS (Global recycled standard): We collaborate with our supplier T2S, whose range of work clothing certified by GRS ensures a minimum of 50% of recycled materials in its composition.
  • VELILLA, Green Project: Our main workwear supplier VELILLA announces its commitment to circularity. At CONAPRO we are a collection center for our clients' used clothing intended to be recycled within the manufacturing process, following VELILLA's comprehensive approach towards sustainability and the circular economy.

At CONAPRO we have also collaborated for years with the NGO AYUDA CONTENEDORES, delivering descender ropes and slings at the end of their useful life that are subsequently used in developing countries, to give them a second life in other contexts (use in fences and in wells). ). AYUDA CONTENEDORES stands out for its humanitarian work, working tirelessly to guarantee a second life for materials and equipment that could otherwise be discarded.

We continue to advance in responsibility and announce the collaboration with TRAPEROS DE EMAUS in the collection of all clothing at the end of its useful life from our clients to give them a second life as cleaning cloths, as well as the delivery of textile remains to recycling managers. TRAPEROS DE EMAUS is a clear example of how the circular economy and social commitment can go hand in hand, positively impacting the community and the environment.

Join us on this journey towards a more fair, responsible and sustainable future. Make safety and sustainability your priorities with CONAPRO!

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